Befores and Afters – Actual Patients’ Stories

Actual Patient

Lois’s Story

I had always been pleased with my smile, but when my right incisor hyper-erupted and grew past my other teeth, I knew I needed an expert to evaluate my condition since this one tooth could affect my whole mouth.

I also had some old amalgam fillings that I wanted replaced. So, I began to search for just the right dentist. When another dental professional referred to Dr. Kuzmin as the “dentist to the stars,” I knew an appointment with Dr. Kuzmin was in “my stars.” And, I have definitely not been disappointed.

If I could give one piece of advice to other potential patients, I’d use Dr. Kuzmin’s own words. “Your teeth are your best accessory. No amount of Botox or fillers will give you an “ageless” look if your teeth are from another age.”